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Maximize the profit of your e-shop.
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Sell at the largest Czech e-shop. Together with our experts, you can increase your turnover by up to 28%. In 2021 alone, we mediated over 322 thousand orders for our clients and brought a turnover of EUR 8.50million.

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Long-time leader on the Czech market

Sell your products on the largest Czech e-shop and reach millions of new customers

Quality marketing

Your products will get exactly where they should and can appear on the most-watched channels in the Czech Republic.

Millions of customers a year

Reach more than 5 million active customers with your products.

Top infrastructure

Alza operates stores and AlzaBoxes across the whole Czech Republic

Delivery to the customer

Possibility to use your own logistics, in cooperation with EXPANDO or Alza delivery.

Expansion try-out

Thanks to the ecosystem of services, you can expand without any significant investment.

Last year, we generated a turnover our clients a turnover of over EUR 8.5 million and mediated 322 thousand orders.

EXPANDO services


EXPANDO APP is a unique application that ensures the transfer of orders, stock synchronization, prices and product matching. Thanks to a well-arranged environment, intuitive API documentation and integration into the most well-known CZ/SK services, nothing stops you from automating sales only on

Listing of unique products

We will get your products into marketplaces catalogs. We can also translate them with the help of our TRANSLADO application and we will take care of their complete optimization.

Important for the sellers

Easy connection of your e‑shop and ERP system

Thanks to the EXPANDO APP we will connect you easily and quickly, so you can start selling right away.

Automation and order managment

The EXPANDO APP allows you to synchronize stocks, orders or shipping labels. Also provides sales statistics.

28% increase in turnover

Take a chance and increase the turnover of your e-shop by 28 % with the help of our experts.

Fees and commissions

The monthly fee is 15-20 % of the price without VAT. Pricing is up to the seller.

Payment and billing

Payments are made either in cash, online, cash on delivery or in installments. Revenue is transferred once a month.

Shoptet add-on alza EXPANDO

The add-on allows you to synchronize warehouses and product prices, import orders, print labels, and ship orders in your Shoptet.

EXPANDO price list for

41 EUR/month
up to 200 orders
Manage your account clearly in our application.
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82 EUR/month
up to 500 orders
Manage your account clearly in our application.
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82 EUR/month
over 500 orders
If the number of orders is exceeded +0,08 EUR vol.
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Do you want to learn more information from the world of e-commerce, marketplaces or directly something about EXPANDO? Visit our blog for many articles on current topics. a.s. is an online store operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and since 2014 also in other EU countries.It is one of the largest Czech online retailers of consumer electronics and covers as well segment of toys, sports, hobbies, media and entertainment, perfumes, watches and drugstores. It also operates a network of stores of the same name.

Alza marketplace offers a simple connection to your e-shop, nonstop customer support, and a sophisticated transport structure, together with AlzaBoxes throughout the Czech Republic. You can offer your products under a well-known brand to more than 5 million active customers. Every day, this Czech giant is visited by over 500 thousand consumers.

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