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Selling on Kaufland Global Marketplace with EXPANDO

Expand with your e-shop to the fastest growing marketplace in Germany that has grown by almost 90% in past 5 years. With our experts, you will increase your turnover up to 20 times.

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Why Kaufland Global Marketplace?

European giant

The annual growth rate is up to 92 % making it the fastest-growing marketplaces in Germany.

Millions of customers in Europe

Reach more than 32 million customers and take your sales to the next level.

Up to 20% increase in turnover

Sellers can significantly increase the turnover of their e-shop.

More than 25 million listed products

It offers more than 25 million products in 5000+ categories, sold by over 7000 retailers.

Trust in the brand

A strong brand that has huge customer trust (covering all ages).

Expansion try-out

Thanks to the ecosystem of services, you can expand without any significant investment.

EXPANDO services


EXPANDO APP is a unique application that ensures the transfer of orders, stock synchronization, prices, and product matching. Thanks to the well-arranged environment, intuitive API documentation and integration into the most well-known CZ/SK services, nothing stops you from automating sales, not just on

EXPANDO complex package

Put your success in the hand of our marketplace specialists who can help you increase your turnover by up to 20 %. You also get customer support in German, return addresses worldwide, a dedicated account manager, and EXPANDO APP.

Product translations from EXPANDO

TRANSLADO APP is an application that immediately flips your product portfolio into other languages. You can immediately start selling abroad and turn your potential into success. Within one application, you also get a comprehensive tool for managing the translations of your products.

Last year, we generated our 45 clients a total turnover of over EUR 1 million and 17 thousand orders.

Important for the sellers

Product listing and translation

Easy pairing with EXPANDO APP. Fast product translations thanks to our TRANSLADO APP.

Delivery to the customers

Possibility to use own logistics or in cooperation with EXPANDO partners.

Customer service

Leave it to us. We will provide you with customer service in German.

Fees and commissions

According to the category, the monthly fee is 49 EUR and 7-13 % of the price, including VAT. Pricing is up to the seller.

Payments and billing

Wide range of payment options. Revenue is transferred 1x per month.

Automation and order management

Thanks to the EXPANDO APP you have an overview of all orders.

Do you want to learn more information from the world of e-commerce, marketplaces or directly something about EXPANDO? Visit our blog for many articles on current topics.

EXPANDO price list for Kaufland Global Marketplace

one-time start
780 EUR
Give us the necessary documents, product data, and we will take care of everything.

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expando app
102 EUR
Manage your account clearly in our app.

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complete administration
Individual tariff
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Includes EXPANDO APP, Amazon expert and customer support.
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Something went wrong. Try submitting the form again. is part of the Schwarz Group and  is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in Germany. It offers more than 25 million products in 5,000+ categories, sold by over 7,000 retailers. The platform records 32 million visits per month. The most popular categories on Kaufland. de is sorted, e.g., electronics/PC technology, furniture/interior following the garden, Etc.

This is a strong brand, where sellers have a huge chance to take advantage of the company's reputation, the credibility of the company, and the existing customer base (covering all age groups). This marketplace also ensures a positive shopping experience, both on the part of the seller and the buyers. The growth rate of is up to 92 %, which is why it is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in Germany.

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