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Welcome to EXPANDO, trusted marketplace experts for online sellers worldwide! Selling on popular platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Cdiscount, Allegro, Kaufland or eMag and other leading online marketplaces. With our specialized services and expertise unlock the potential of your online marketplace sales.

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Maximize your profit on global online marketplaces that are major e-commerce players. Offer products where you don't sell yet and reach millions of new customers. EXPANDO APP provides you with transfer of orders, synchronization of warehouses, prices and pairing of products from one place. Also take advantage of the services of complete sales management by our marketplace experts.
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Full-Service Marketplace Management

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I started with webstores already in 2003, when I myself built the first online store for clients. As the market developed, clients grew especially in foreign markets. And when I visited a conference in London in 2015, it became clear to me - the future will belong to marketplaces.

Adam Kurzok, founder of EXPANDO

Today, marketplaces have become a central focus in e-commerce. It's incredible to witness the transformation since the early days. In fact, the very first order on Amazon was a t-shirt featuring a famous rock band. The exponential growth is evident as the turnover that used to take months to generate for sellers can now be achieved within minutes. The marketplace phenomenon has reshaped the e-commerce landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities and accelerated success for businesses.

David Cikánek, Head of Sales

EXPANDO has been on the market since 2016. We started as a small company with a few employees. Gradually, we experienced significant growth, along with an expanding client base that contributed to a turnover of over EUR 75 million in 2022. Our success can be attributed to our collaborations with leading e-commerce players such as Amazon, eMAG, and eBay. At EXPANDO, we continuously push the boundaries and explore new solutions to drive the expansion of online sellers.

Vojtěch Zogata, CEO

We share our knowledge

Cdiscount as the rising star of e-commerce

Similar to Walmart taking on Amazon in the United States, the European e-commerce landscape is experiencing strong growth. France’s leading e-commerce site Cdiscount has become an outstanding online marketplace for expanding your business internationally, thanks to its active customer base and seller benefits.

The rise of and its expansion into the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The launch of in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is the initial step towards the launch of a new global marketplace that will offer quick and easy access to international online trade.‍

eBay: from the auction of a piece of toast to the ideal marketplace

Everyone has heard of Amazon; however the first real global marketplace was eBay. It is one of the best-known and oldest online sales portals, comparable to Amazon itself.


Thanks to EXPANDO, we are present in several European markets. We especially appreciate help with FBA warehousing and product listing. We also appreciate the approach to solving the smallest problems or questions. He always tries to find the best possible solution. By creating a "store" and the texts contained in it, potential customers will learn much more info about the products, which will elevate any standard product at least one level higher.

Thanks to the company EXPANDO, we took not only the whole of Europe, but also the whole world by storm. Their way of solving e-commerce is very smart and sophisticated - it is always based on a previous detailed analysis of the chosen country and it is always a matter of a short time before the results arrive. Thanks to EXPANDO, we've conquered almost the entire world with metal without weapons, and where METALSHOP isn't yet - that's where it's going to be🙂

As with any software implementation that is supposed to truly fully automate a process or create a real competitive advantage, the first few months were not a cake walk. Today, with a clear conscience, I can recommend TRANSLADO (to all non‑competing e-shops) and I believe that you will benefit from the partially trodden path to the same extent as we do.

I can honestly say that it is very difficult to imagine selling on Amazon without your company, even now that we know and understand enough things ourselves. Whether it is return addresses in individual countries, communication with customers, negotiations with Amazon, etc. The second thing is the technical side. The EXPANDO APP and its AUTOPRICER, which can dynamically change the prices of goods according to the changing situation on the given market, have proven themselves.

The TRANSLADO APP functionality fully met our expectations after connection. I recommend cooperation with EXPANDO to anyone who is interested in expanding their business beyond the borders of their home country. The services do not only contain technical solutions necessary for expansion, but also valuable know-how and advice that can be used for this purpose.

When we started dealing with Amazon before EXPANDO, it took a really long time and we couldn't get our account unblocked. Only EXPANDO could solve our problem. They have valuable know-how and their years of experience with Amazon issues. Cooperation is smooth, our account manager develops activities independently to increase the number of orders, this relieves the burden on our internal team.

We have been cooperating with EXPANDO since 2018. Thanks to their help, we successfully manage to distribute goods across Europe through various marketplaces. It is the easiest way for us to expand abroad. I consider one of the main advantages of cooperation to be that, in addition to the technical connection, they provide customer support for end customers all over Europe, which saves us a lot of money.