AUTOPRICER is a service that is part of our EXPANDO APP software. It can dynamically create prices according to the behavior of competitors on Amazon. Thanks to this, we increase profits for sellers and bring higher turnover.

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What can AUTOPRICER do?

Dynamické zvyšování ceny vašeho pruduktu

AUTOPRICER evaluates and increases the price several times per hour. If you are the cheapest or in the BuyBox, our software will look at the next more expensive in the order and increase your selling price so that you are as close as possible to them and do not lose your position in the BuyBox.

Dynamically reducing the price of your product

AUTOPRICER evaluates and dynamically lowers prices to get your product into the BuyBox. The price reduced in the BuyBox is then again actively linked to the second cheapest offer. AUTOPRICER ensures that you are not unnecessarily cheap and thereby tries to maximize your profit.

AUTOPRICER made products more expensive for our clients by 263,000 EUR thanks to dynamic price adjustment and brought a turnover of EUR 62 million for 2021.

How does AUTOPRICER work?

If you are selling a product that is offered by multiple sellers, an auction takes place in which the seller wins in BuyBox. Amazon can no longer be considered purely as an e-shop, but rather as a dynamic product exchange, where the offer and prices of products are constantly changing. We have therefore developed a unique function that can change prices depending on the competition with the help of real-time data.

If your product selling price is lower than the second cheapest, AUTOPRICER will automatically evaluate that your product price needs to be increased. In case you sell the product, you earn more! Why be unnecessarily the cheapest? Regularly downloading competitors' prices allows us to use advanced algorithms, thanks to which you can sell your products with the highest possible margin. Raising prices then works in the opposite way.

BuyBoxes are Amazon's algorithms that decide who sells. Having a product in the BuyBox is a priority. If your product is in the BuyBox, it will be sold. Who gets into the BuyBox depends on several parameters - price, shipping, rating, delivery speed, etc.

EXPANDO APP also enables

Mark the products to go to the AUTOPRICER.

Set the range for increasing and decreasing the price.

Filter products in BuyBox.

Export competitor prices (CSV).

Monitor weekly changes in turnover.

You can evaluate the AUTOPRICER results in the detailed reporting.

Our record raise brought the seller €120 on a single product!

With the EXPANDO APP you can sell more!

To use AUTOPRICER, you must have an Amazon account and use the EXPANDO APP software. If you are starting to expand, get advice from our experts. We will also do a competitor analysis for you.
Don't know how to register? Write to us or call us. Our experts will be happy to attend to you.

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