EXPANDO APP is a unique application that ensures the transfer of orders, stock synchronization, prices and product matching. Thanks to the well‑arranged environment, intuitive API documentation, and integration into the most well‑known CZ/SK services, nothing stops you from automating sales on marketplaces. AUTOPRICER is also included for dynamic pricing, thanks to which we increase profit and bring higher turnovers.


Software made for automated sales

EXPANDO APP can automatically browse products from your XML feed and synchronize prices, stocks and orders in real time.

It's easy and fast! Simply connect any product feed and our EXPANDO APP will make sure your products are immediately visible to millions of new subscribers.

Marketplaces we connect you to

Maximize your profit on global online marketplaces that are major e-commerce players. Offer products where you don't sell yet and reach millions of new customers. EXPANDO APP provides you with transfer of orders, synchronization of warehouses, prices and pairing of products from one place. Also take advantage of the services of complete sales management by our marketplace experts.
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Don't know how to register for the EXPANDO APP? Contact us! Our experts will be happy to attend to you.

EXPANDO APP integrations

Other integrations
Here you can find our EXPANDO API documentation.

Shoptet add-ons

Shoptet add-on for Amazon

Expand to all of Europe or the US and sell through Amazon directly from Shoptet.

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Shoptet add-on for Kaufland

Sell on the Kaufland marketplace and keep track of orders directly in your e-shop.

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Shoptet add-on for MALL

Sell on the MALL and keep track of orders directly in your e‑shop.

More info

Shoptet add-on for Alza.cz

Sell on Alza.cz and keep track of orders directly in your e‑shop.

More info

Shoptet add-on for Glami

With the add-on, you will have an overview of orders from Glami Checkout in one place.

More info

Shoptet add-on - automatic product translations

The add-on is designed for e-shoppers who are expanding abroad and need to solve their product translations smartly and efficiently.

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What are the functions and advantages of EXPANDO APP?

Listing and pairing

Automatic listing and matching of products will save you time and money.

Synchronization of warehouses and prices

Stock and price synchronization takes place completely automatically every hour.

Overview of orders

An overview of orders in one place will make it easier for you to manage and ship them.

Competition overview

You have an overview of the competitor's behavior. You can set pricing and change rates at any time.

Reporting a statistics

Thanks to reporting, notifications, dashboards, sales statistics, best-selling products, their prices, etc. You have complete overviews of sales at your disposal.


Part of the EXPANDO APP is also AUTOPRICER for dynamic pricing according to the behavior of competitors, thanks to which we increase profits and bring higher turnover.

Do you want to sell really actively?

Put your success in the hands of online sales experts. Within complete management of sales by EXPANDO you can also get customer support in several languages, return addresses worldwide, a dedicated account manager, etc. Learn more here>>.

How much does EXPANDO APP cost per month for individual marketplaces?

103 EUR

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103 EUR

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+ 30 %
from increased prices

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