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From garage bookstore in Washington to the Leading Global Marketplace! Thats Amazon, the renowned and dominant force in the world of e-commerce, is an undisputed leader and the go-to platform for over 400 million customers worldwide. With its unparalleled reach and influence, Amazon's influence extends beyond US , as every third order from the USA finds its way onto their platform. The company's impact is equally impressive in the EU where every 1Oth online order is attributed to the giant.

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No. 1 in more that 15 countries around world

Expand your reach to millions of customers across 28 different countries simply by leveraging Amazon's four American and nine European stores, enabling you to tap into a truly global marketplace.

400 million customers worldwide

With an overwhelming majority, over 66% of consumers gravitate towards Amazon as their primary choice when commencing their product search, solidifying its unparalleled position as the go-to platform for shoppers worldwide.

Over 1 billion listed products

Thanks to a large number of products, you do not have to pay for translations and photos. All you need is a barcode. We can pair your catalog to Amazon using our EXPANDO APP.

Brand trust

Irrespective of your geographical location, as a seller, you operate under a brand that possesses a colossal reservoir of trust

Power of Amazon Prime

Leverage the Amazon Prime advantage alongside efficient Amazon Fulfillment to tap into the increased spending habits of Prime customers, who typically spend 2-3 times more on Amazon compared to regular customers.

Grow with us

Amazon offers a range of tools and resources like EXPANDO to assist sellers in managing their online business effectively. From analytics and advertising tools to seller support services, Amazon equips businesses with the necessary tools to optimize their performance and drive success on the platform.

Last year, we generated to our clients turnover
of over 75 mil. EUR and 1650000 orders.

EXPANDO services

Full-Service Marketplace Management

Put your success in the hands of online sales experts. You can also get customer support in several languages, worldwide return addresses, a dedicated account manager and EXPANDO APP including AUTOPRICER.

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Full-Service Marketplace Management

Put your success in the hands of online sales experts. You can also get customer support in several languages, worldwide return addresses, a dedicated account manager and EXPANDO APP including AUTOPRICER.

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Vital Insights for Sellers

Optimized Product Listings

Creating compelling and optimized product listings is vital to attract customers and rank higher in search results.

Fulfillment and delivery options

Unlock the flexibility to choose your own logistics solution through Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), or harness the convenience and efficiency of Amazon's renowned fulfillment network with Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

Customer support

Count on us! With our proficiency in 8 languages, we're here to assist you promptly and ensure global delivery to any destination. We pride ourselves on providing all the essentials for a delightful customer experience.

Automation and order management

Thanks to the EXPANDO APP you can automate product synchronization and order transfer - including shipping and pricing. Take advantage of integrations on the most well‑known platforms or our API.

Fees and commissions

Amazon's monthly fee is 39 EUR plus
7‑15 % of the order price according to the category, incl. VAT. Pricing is up to the seller.

Payments and billing

Payments are made in Amazon payments. They are credited to your bank account approximately once every 14 days.

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Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world, an unshakable leader in e‑commerce enviroment and a clear choice for more than 400 miles customers. Today about 66 % of costumers start their online shopping at this giant. The Amazon catalog currently offers 20 countries with worldwide delivery and includes over 1 billion listed products.

The historic first sale on, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey, occurred with the purchase of Douglas Hofstadter's groundbreaking book titled "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought." This momentous transaction paved the way for Amazon's remarkable evolution into the world's largest online marketplace, forever transforming the landscape of e-commerce.”