Translations quality

TRANSLADO APP automates the entire product translation process. This will significantly speed up and streamline your current and future expansions. The big advantage is also that you have all the translations in one place.

Machine translations

Saves time and ensures that all your products content is translated really quickly so that it can be displayed on a foreign mutation.

Manual check

Approve, edit and improve machine translations in your team.

Professional translation

Add professionals who specialize in proofreading and personalization with a focus on SEO for e-commerce on individual markets.

Why use Machine translation?

Machine translation is a way to provide you with the first layer of translation. Take it in a way that it gives you lead in the localization project on a foreign market. What you do next is up to you. Keep your machine translations or take advantage of the next phase of translation and localization improvement. In the TRANSLADO APP you can filter by the phrases with the highest frequency. You can filter categories, brands or products for which you already know the foreign market traffic and thus the greatest potential.

Afterwards you only solve the quality of the translator with regard to the complexity of the texts, etc. After a rapid expansion, you can improve translations without translators based on information from the target market and translate only products that really pay off. TRANSLADO APP is used by Machine translations such as DeepL and Google Translate.

Set up the translation process and procedure within your company

Quality control

Never post machine translation unless it is the quality you want to show.Instead, use it in the background as a basis to start the localization process of product translations. Using the first layer of machine translation is exactly how most professional translators work today. Keep your translations in TRANSLADO APP and run them only when they are ready for listing. The functionality in the TRANSLADO APP is also divided into "translation" and "listing".

Editing translations

Collaborate within your team. Browse translations at your own pace. Do you have your own translator? Add them to the project as well. Don't have any? It doesn't matter, we will arrange the translations for you and you just watch the progress of the project on the dashboard.

Collaborate with professional translators

Assure professional translation by ordering translations from agencies or individuals, directly via the TRANSLADO APP. Select whether you want to translate all or only your most important products. Then, with just a few clicks, submit for professional translation. Edited translations will automatically appear on your site within a few days.