TRANSLADO APP automates the entire product translation process. This will significantly speed up and streamline your current and future expansions. The big advantage is also that you have all the translations in one place.

What is the difference between Google Translate and DeepL?

Machine translation providers only take care of the translation. They do not post translations on your website, you need to work with the development / IT team to do so. You will also need to collect all the content of your site and manually copy and paste it into a machine translation provider. They also do not offer any built-in editing platform for making any manual edits.

TRANSLADO APP connects directly to the machine translation provider and automatically detects, translates and displays the content of your website, giving you full control over your translations.TRANSLADO APP also provides key multilingual SEO features, such as displaying your multilingual websites under subdomains or subdirectories specific to a given language and adding hreflang tags.

How can I edit machine translations?

You can edit the machine translations through your TRANSLADO APP interface. Either through a list of translations or a visual editor. You can also add a teammate, edit the translations yourself, or add your own translators to quickly edit any translation displayed on your site.

With TRANSLADO APP you can also order professional translations directly on the Weglot Dashboard. Choose machine translation, human adaptations or a combination of both.