How does the TRANSLADO APP work ?

TRANSLADO APP automates the entire product translation process. It will significantly speed up and make your current and future expansions more efficient. Another big advantage is that you have all the mutations in one place.

Choose xml

Attach the xml with your products.

Choose language

Select the languages you want your products translated into and send the products for translation.

Export to foreign mutations

Your AUTO translations are ready and you can automatically export them to your foreign e-shop mutations.

Editing translations

You can proofread automatic translations through your translators or leave the entire process to us and translation agencies.

TRANSLADO APP in more detail

No-code application

From integration to management, launch your translation projects easily without the help of your development/IT team. From integration to management! Run your translation projects easily without the help of your development / IT team.

Automation and control

No more manual exchange of Excel files. Collaborate with your team in one place. Add and assign translations, track work progress, and enjoy a seamless localization workflow where you know who's doing what and when. Each new product is immediately translated and automatically listed in the xml feed or directly in your e-shop.

AUTO translations

Accelerate your website translation project with the first layer of machine translation from leading providers Microsoft, DeepL, Google and Yandex. Automatic translation is a combination of a shared database of translations (already translated phrases). Translator first evaluates which items it already has in the database and sends the rest to Google or DeepLu, depending on which translator is most suitable for you. Within a few days, you can expand with your entire portfolio at minimal cost.

Editing translations

TRANSLADO will show you the sentences with the highest frequency. You can filter categories, brands or products for which you know the traffic and send them for translation. You then only deal with the quality of the translator with regard to the complexity of the texts, etc. After rapid expansion, you can improve translations through translators based on information from the target market and thus translate products for which it really pays off.

SEO optimization

Be discovered by your audience with translation software that follows multilingual SEO best practices. Everything is set by Google (including translated metadata, language-specific URLs, and hreflang tags).


Define and add terms, phrases, brands and product names to your multilingual glossary. Keep your project consistent. Avoid the repetitive task of editing the same expressions.

Customer support

Rely on our expert support team to help you whenever you need help or have questions. Just send us a message. You can also use our in-depth support center to answer all your key questions.

Clear dashboard

Easily manage your translation project workflow through a single interface. Check your translations, SEO metadata and media files in one place! You'll even control content from third-party apps/plugins.

Translation database

You will have your own and a shared translation database.

Send us your product feed. We will send you a repeat analysis and pricing for AUTO and PRO translations.

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