How does TRANSLADO APP work?

The TRANSLADO APP automates the entire product translation process. It will significantly speed up and streamline your current and future expansions.

Choose xml

Attach xml with your products.

Choose language

Select the languages into which you want to translate your products and send the products for translation.

Export to foreign versions

Your AUTO translations are ready and you can automatically export them to your foreign versions of the e-shop.

Editing translations

You can correct automatic translations through your translators or leave the whole process to us and the translation agency.


No-code application
From integration to administration, run your translation projects easily without the help of your development / IT team.
Automation and checking
Never again manually exchange Excel files.
AUTO translations
Accelerate your website translation project with the first layer of machine translation from leading providers Microsoft, DeepL, Google and Yandex.
Editing translations
TRANSLADO will show you the sentences with the most frequency. You can filter categories, brands or products that you know traffic and send them for translation.
SEO optimization
Let your audience find you using translation software that follows multilingual SEO best practices.
Define and add terms, phrases, brands and product names to your multilingual glossary.
Customer support
Rely on our technical support team to help you whenever you need help or have questions.
Clear dashboard
Easily manage the workflow of your translation project through a single interface.
Translation database
You will have your own and shared translation database.