of translations

TRANSLADO APP automates the entire product translation process. It will significantly speed up and make your current and future expansions more efficient. Another big advantage is that you have all the mutations in one place.

TRANSLADO automatically recognizes new products

Once you've uploaded your product feed, TRANSLADO will automatically detect new products. It automatically translates them and lists them in the feed or directly in your eshop.

You don't have to sort anything manually! This gives you the flexibility to manually edit or approve the case later if you so choose.

Clear management of tasks

On the dashboard, you can clearly monitor the overall progress of individual language mutations as well as the performance of the individuals themselves. You can easily assign translations to internal translators or send them to professionals directly from this interface.

You also have the option of setting automatic rules that ensure translation and listing according to the filter you have chosen or the entire portfolio.

You have everything in one place, even if you split your translations between multiple translators!

Glossary and translation memory

Keep your translations consistent. Avoid correcting the same words and sentences several times in a row with a smart text analysis tool, built-in dictionary or terms.

In addition, you can benefit from the TRANSLADO translation database. You will be using already completed translations for other clients.

Do you have specific product names and brands that should not be translated? We can solve this too and our TRANSLADO APP will not translate them!

Send us your product feed. We will send you a repeat analysis and pricing for AUTO and PRO translations.

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