Individual consultation for companies

Start the expansion of your e-shop smartly. Discuss the important steps in a one-on-one consultation with our experts who have long-term management of more than 100 sales accounts with aggregate turnover exceeding EUR 2.5 million per month.

I am interested in an individual consultation

The consultation is suitable for sellers who are starting their business on Amazon and need to gain insight into the complexities of sales >>  product listing, logistics, marketing, data integration, customer service, as well as administrative and legal aspects for Amazon.

Do you know that only 30% of sellers manage to start selling on Amazon in the long term?

Who are the consultations for?

For a BRAND with its own unique product

Coming to market with your own product? Global marketplaces have their specifics, and success on them requires an individual approach to each category and each product.

For SELLERS with thousands of products at a good price

Wholesale, e-shop, seller of anything that already knows the catalog of the given marketplace. We are able to combine your product range with an existing offer on the given market within a few minutes. We don't need translations, photos, captions.

The main advantages of consultations

Intensive knowledge in a single day

Decide on your strategy as soon as possible to save unnecessary investments and time.

Know how of successful Amazon sellers

The best-selling products are those whose sellers have fully understood the complexity of Amazon.

Don't repeat the mistakes of others

Avoid mistakes right from the start. Think smart and efficient about expansion.

Tips for long-term success

We will outline what you can get from Amazon in the long term, what strategies to use in the next stages.

The consultation is tailor-made

We will focus exclusively on your products, including preparation and summary.

Competitive analysis

Get Competitive Analysis Before Entering Amazon! You will find out what potential your product has and how you stand against the competition.

What do we need from you before we start?

Introduce yourself

In order to choose the right strategy, we need to know your product or sales category in detail.

The situation in your company

Tell us more about who your customer is and through which channels you sell today.

Your expectations

Do you want to increase sales or brand awareness? Is profit or turnover important to you? Introduce us to your expectations.

What will you find out?

whether your product has potential on Amazon
how to open a sales account and what to watch out for
how logistics and returns work
promo options on Amazon
what are the fees on amazon
a detailed report and a list of next steps from our side and yours
bringing the first shipment to an Amazon warehouse (FBA)
we will find out for you what the marketability of the competition is
together we will create a perfectly optimized listing for your product
customer support that drives sales and reviews
how to branding - increasing brand value within the Amazon catalog
blind spots where most sellers fail

The numbers speak for themselves




year-on-year growth in the number of orders


every day

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The first step matters

Intensive consultations for companies dedicated only to your products, including preparation and summary.

The price of the consultation

588 EUR excl. VAT
I want a consultation from EXPANDO
Time: 120 - 180 minutes
Location: In person or online

Do you also want a tailor-made consultation?

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