Analysis of the competition

Get competitive analysis before entering the global marketplace! Thanks to our experts, you bring out the potential of your products and how you stand against the competition.

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Why use analysis from EXPANDO?

Detailed report

The output of the analysis is a comprehensive report including a price comparison, the number of units sold in the last 30 days and the total turnover on the given Amazon market.

Detailed analysis of all products

For each product, we can find whether the Amazon catalog already includes it, how many sellers offer it and at what price it is sold. We compare everything and you get a detailed picture of how you stand.

Product position in the catalog

Sales rank, or the position in which a given product is located in a specific category, is another important indicator. The higher your product appears in the ranking, the more advantageous your position is.

Don't be the cheapest

We'll show you which products you can compete with. You don't always have to be the cheapest! Thanks to our AUTOPRICER (dynamic pricing), we will increase your sales volume.


We will show you which products you have more expensive than the competition. In addition, thanks to our AUTOPRICER, you can automatically optimize the price so that your products sell better.

Pairing of EAN codes

We will show you which Amazon listings your EAN code has been matched to. This way, you will find out whether your product is classified correctly. If not, we will correct the errors manually so that the goods correspond to the EAN code.

For the year 2021, we brought a turnover of over EUR 39 million and 750 thousand to our clients on Amazon. AUTOPRICER then earned them an additional 263,000 EUR thanks to dynamic price adjustment and brought a turnover of EUR 62 million.

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Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world, which is the unshakable number one in the world of e-commerce and the clear choice for more than 400 million customers. Today, around 66% of consumers start their online shopping on this giant. The Amazon catalog currently offers 20 countries with worldwide delivery and contains over 1 billion listed products.

Selling on Amazon is easy for most sellers thanks to the product catalog. Just connect to existing products using EAN codes, similar to Heureka. Thanks to the EXPANDO APP, you can easily connect the e-shop and the ERP system. Sales costs are then minimal compared to expansion in the form of a foreign e-shop. In addition, starting sales is quick and you handle everything conveniently from the Czech Republic.

Are you interested in competitive analysis?
Our experts will help you start the expansion of your e-shop on the largest marketplace in the world!

I am interested in competitive analysis
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